Our Story


FAITH is what you make it...so is your shirt.

Many are faced with life challenges everyday. Many careers and lives are lost, because they are built upon unstable foundations. Some are lost in the glitz and glamour of fame and fortune. Only to lose it faster than it took to achieve it.

FAITH, the foundation in which things are deeply rooted, being able to withstand all trials and tribulations. Having FAITH that everything that is meant to be, will be. Many careers and lives that are grounded in FAITH are destined to inspire others.

FAITH BEFORE FAME, was a way to remind me or whomever, there is an ordained order in which you should enter a situation in life.

FAITH in what my God had planned for me, allowed me to enter every facet of my life, with confidence and authority.

With the obstacles we face in today's society, FAITH has to be at the forefront of our lives. Knowing that without FAITH, life becomes a maze that leads to nowhere.

FAITH BEFORE FAME is not just a clothing line, IT'S A MOVEMENT!

Owner and CEO, Brentson A. Buckner